Letter to the Freshman Me { Don’t Stop Dreaming }

Well hello, Freshman!

 Look at you entering your first year of high school! Wahoo! A freshman!  You feel like you can conquer the world don’t you?!  Of course you are still kind of shy and that’s okay.  Just be friendly and 100% you around those that come across your path and you’ll be okay!

Don’t be afraid to open up!  I know you like to make a good impression, but don’t worry about the mistakes you might (and will make because, girl… Oh boy, will you make them!).  Those mistakes make you YOU, darling.

You are already realizing the differences between middle school and high school. The workload is bigger, the expectations are daunting, and the reality of the possibility of college coming up is beginning to sink in…  

Dear Hope.

You DO NOT need to know what you are going to study in college RIGHT NOW. So don’t give in to any pressure knocking on the door to your mind. Girl, you think you are going to be a famous Hollywood actress?  That is going to change at least seven times.  But darling, that doesn’t mean you can’t dream big.

What I’ve discovered is that God is all about the big dreams of the heart! He places those dreams in our heart. And here’s what I LOVE about Him.

God doesn’t just throw those dreams into your heart and says “HERE’S WHO YOU ARE GOING TO BE.”  What I mean is that He may give you dreams that will lead you to HIS dreams for YOU. You’ll be jumping from Hollywood to Broadway to Youth Ministry to Archaeology to Paleontology and- well, more on that later!

He’s going to whisper to the very innermost corners of your heart.  He’s going to reveal pieces of this dream bit by bit in His best & beautiful way.  A dream you hold now will connect to the bigger dream He has for YOU in the future!


“‘For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the Lord, ‘Plans for good and not for evil. Plans for a future and a hope!”   -Jeremiah 29:11


So don’t stop dreaming big, dear darling.  Be okay if your “plan” changes.

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I know how you are, Ms. Perfectionist.  I know the semi-terrifying feeling you’ll experience when your steps, lists, and plans turn upside down!  I know the headache you’ll experience when you try to keep it together. I know it will be hard to see sometimes, but trust that He’ll reveal those pieces to you in time.

Trust that He has a plan for you that is ONLY GOOD.

Feel the emotions, but do this one thing for me, Hope.

Don’t push your dreams down.  Pursue them.  Let the Lord guide you. And who knows… you may just find the next piece dream.




P.S. You survive freshman year *random dance party ensues*