Meet Hope

Hello, friends!

I am so glad you have decided to stop by my blog!

My name is Hope Trent and I am a college student sharing from my heart.

A bit about me… I love tea and British tv-shows (at the same time). I love spontaneously singing Broadway show tunes in the kitchen with my sister. I enjoy adventures with my friends inside buildings and new cities. I am also fascinated by the stories of people present and past (which is why I am a history major).

For some time, I went back and forth with what the focus of my blog should be. Many of the niches I tried were not mine. It wasn’t a good fit. But I truly believe when we embrace who we are and simply share the words God places in our hearts, He will do what only He can do and give only what He can give.

The Hopeful Storyteller is a blog that shares personal, local, and national stories that I hope will inspire you and bring you some hope. I also hope that these stories I share will encourage you to embrace life and adventure!

On this blog, my hope is to share what God lays on my heart in the day to day of my crazy life. I’m going to write about the good, the ugly, and everything between because life is made up of all of that. ¬†And I hope you will find inspiration, relatability, laughter, and hope wherever you are right now!