Meet Hope

Hello, friends! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Hope Trent, and I am a twenty-something college grad and storyteller!

A bit about me… I am a history major and lover of earl grey tea and chocolate chip cookies (preferably together).

Some of my pastimes include:

  • Spontaneously singing or dancing with my sister in the kitchen
  • Binging New Girl while crocheting a scarf (pretty sure Jess is my soul sister)
  • Going on long walks around the neighborhood with my incredible boyfriend
  • Reading a book from my ever-growing pile of to-reads
  • Reorganizing and redecorating my entire room every other week (because my OCD needs some change)
  • Working to pay the bills
  • Oh, and job hunting like crazy

The Hopeful Storyteller is a blog that shares personal, local, and national stories that aim to engage you with hope and inspiration through storytelling.  My hope is that it will encourage you to embrace life and adventure!

On this blog, my hope is to share what God lays on my heart in the day to day of my crazy life.  And I hope you will find inspiration, hope, and connection through one another’s stories.