Six Things I Learned My First Semester of College

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First semester of college is completed!

I made it, ya’ll! About four months of new beginnings, fresh tears, and incredible moments have tied up very nicely!

I’ve loved the ability to take the time to sit back and relax a bit ESPECIALLY after finals! It has been such an exciting adventure filled with many memories and beautiful friendships which I am so blessed to have!

During those four months I have learned a few things I wanted to share with you…

1. Be a Freshman

Be a freshman! (If you aren’t a college freshman, you can skip to the next one). You may feel like you are painstakingly and obviously a freshman stumbling around your first few weeks but IT’S OKAY! Take all the help you can get!

Of course this is your time to take charge of some responsibilities and it doesn’t mean you should make everyone do your laundry or whatever. Please don’t do that. (Thanks)

But if you are unclear about something, don’t just guess it. ASK IT!

83% of people are not going to judge you if you ask where the science building is after two months on campus (just kidding! I made that percentage up but not the science building part…) But you get my point. You only get to be a freshman once and all the upperclassman and faculty are there to help you get on your feet. You don’t need to be on your feet and running on Orientation week. But keep an open mind and heart. Does that make sense?

Speaking of Orientation week…

2. Don’t park in a Faculty parking spot

Just don’t. You may do it by accident like yours truly so unless you are someone who loves their school so much so you would like to “donate” large sums of money to them instead of paying loans, JUST DON’T.

3. The Prime Time Caf. Cookies Time

I know this one seems strange, but this is one of the most serious topics I will share on this list. If you go to school with me, you know my love affair with these cookies. When you pass by the dessert section at your college’s cafe expecting to get you regular plate of chocolate chip cookies and you do not see them and you freak out and you try to accept that you won’t have deliciousness today or maybe never…. chill. The nice young lady is getting them from the back.

If you wait till 12:20pm, there will always be warm cookies fresh from the oven to satisfy your ever-present sweet tooth. That leads me to my next point…


Coffee is great. Coffee is good. No other explanation needed.


This is a big one. I joke and play Ms. Sarcasm, but this is real life. The phrase is overused, but it is so very true: You need to take care of yourself.

I have had a few emotional breakdowns in my first semester of college. Half of those have been triggered by my mental and physical exhaustion. I pushed myself to the point where I was constantly working and moving.  This is fine until your body shuts down. Your body needs to take a day of rest. Whether that means cleaning your room while listening or watching (on a rest day, procrastination is a part of the deal) British vloggers or sitting on the couch all day eating cereal and reading an entire novel, you need one day each week where you do nothing school or work related.

If cleaning or organizing or anything of the sort like that is relaxing to you, go for it! Not my thing all the time, but I know that if I can take that day to rest, my entire week will feel lighter, healthier, and better.

6. Say NO

I can not say that I have aced this skill, but I can say I have learned a lot more about what this means. Whether you are in college, high school, or another walk of life, don’t say yes to everything. I feel like it is so easy to look at everything and say yes, and YES, and of course YESSSSS!

And it is absolutely fine to say yes to activities or events and so on. But when you say yes to all, you may not be putting your full attention on the yes God has for YOU.  I know for me when it came to joining clubs and committees, I signed up for everything that looked interesting. I quickly became overwhelmed and lost my purpose for joining the organizations and clubs.

After a conversation with my parents (Thanks, Mum and Dad), I was able to look at everything and say no to things that did not align with the vision the Lord has given me and yes to the things that meshed well with me.  I am still navigating the no and finding out where I fit on campus. But I feel less stressed and I feel stronger and more confident than I did before I said NO. If anything feel uncomfortable or if I or those in my circle see a red flag, I say NO.


Do you need to say NO to something or someone today?


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